How Not to Be a Leader
umair haque

Umair, this is a great piece, and I think you’re spot on with so many of your analyses. May I ask who, if anyone, from among today’s prominent world leaders are truly leaders? Based on many of the criteria you laid out here, Pope Francis comes to mind as someone who defies these characteristics — isn’t there some irony to that…? President Obama tried to be such a leader, I think, but ultimately failed both because of the inane battles he had to fight with many of the “leaders” who fit your description, but also, I think, because he ultimately became too timid or too tired to keep fighting those battles in the face of such fierce and leaderless “leadership” from the opposition. In fact, the example of Obama is one that scares me since it highlights in my mind the triumph of the type of “leadership” you’re describing here over the type of leadership we need. Obama may not be perfect, but he tried. Where and when he lost, he often lost due to the power and fervor of “leaders” to stir up irrational and illogical fear to oppose him Too often, that illogical fear was triumphant over someone who actually tried to offer prescriptions for real issues…

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