Will Staton
Nov 26 · 1 min read

Well said, and I’m with you 100%, except that I don’t think we’ll have to wait for the history to be written to dismiss the Republican party. It is entirely evident that they are — and have been for quite some time — nothing but a morally and intellectually bankrupt white supremacist organization.

In fact I try to distinguish between conservative and Republican for this very reason. I think that there are important conservative ideas and ideals that ought to be part of the national discourse. Alas, the Republicans don’t stand for any of those ideas and ideals, but have instead become a terrorists organization with something like 40% of the American public as their Stockholm-syndrome suffering hostages.

So yeah, why wait to compare the GOP to Mao, Stalin, etc? We know right now that these are the same types of organizations run by the same types of people. That might be MORE clear in 30 years, but it is entirely obvious right now.

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