When the Night Comes

Will Staton
Oct 31 · 1 min read

Over the hills and above the trees

Sinks low the orb of life, summoning fright

For when comes the dark, fear fills the heart

And we shudder and shiver and quiver

When the night comes

Twinkling now, hope from afar

Light and wonder in distant stars

Suppressed by darkness and snuffed out

By human frailty, so dreams die

When the night comes

I sit ‘neath the moon whose wicked smile

Slices psyches with appeal like fool’s gold

Turbulent memories hidden and recalled

From deep within, confronted by past sin

When the night comes

Now clouds gather round the soul

Night lights extinguished as evil

Musters, clusters in the growing cold

Banshees shriek and mortals flee

When the night comes

Stillness now, early morning calm

Not even crickets chirp beneath

Ebony’s blanket. Unseen, we remain

Also unheard. Tucked away, afraid

When the night comes

Dawn blinks across the horizon

Gold penetrating midnight’s vise

The world awakens, emboldened by new hope

Facing the day but fearing once more

When the night comes

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

Written by

Career Educator. Aspiring Novelist. Author of “Through Fire and Flame: Into the New Inferno.”

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