We see Brexit, Trump, Putin in isolation. The world does not work that way — all things are connected and affecting each other. I have pro-Brexit friends who say ‘oh, you’re going to blame that on Brexit too??’ But they don’t realise that actually, yes, historians will trace neat lines from apparently unrelated events back to major political and social shifts like Brexit.
History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

Yes! I cannot see how people fail to grasp this. It’s 2016. In the 5th century when the Western Roman empire collapsed it sent shock waves through Europe and into North Africa and Asia. As you have already mentioned in this piece, the Black Death had global effects even though, to Europeans at the time, it probably seemed a terror localized to their community. How many instances of this can we cite? The world is simply TOO INTERCONNECTED — and for the best, albeit imperfectly — for anything to happen in isolation.

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