Hate to burst the bubble here…
A Ennis

What a condescending, idiotic comment. How dare you talk down to the author when you’re so staggeringly ignorant that you don’t know Bernie lied to you from day one when he based his “plans” on greater than 4%+ annual GDP growth (which is laughable). You know, if you’ve like, done your homework and aren’t painfully ignorant. You voted for and still won’t let go of an actual snake charmer — holy crap, the projection is strong here. And maybe he’s not the “least racist” if he keeps trying to subsume the issues minorities face here in far from post-racial America into the only version of inequality he’s interested in talking about. Anyone “educated about politics” knows Bernie is a damn fraud who wouldn’t know how to work toward an actual policy goal if he had Abe Lincoln as his Chief of Staff. Never start a comment talking about how you hate to burst people’s bubbles when you’re as high on unicorn farts as you are. The only thing Bernie imparted to people like you is a massively unearned sense of superiority and the kind of misguided confidence that would cause a ninny like you to sashay into this author’s mentions and lecture him about black people. Sashay your ignorant ass right on out.

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