Five. Or six? I have lost count.

Yesterday, 7/17 it was announced that the Costello family is selling the Sun Journal and 16 other publications to Reade Brower, the owner of MaineToday Media, (the parent company of the Portland Press Herald and other publications).

Origins of the Sun Media Group go back to a weekly paper founded in 1847. The Costellos’ great-grandfather started working for his uncle at what was then The Sun more than 100 years ago.

I have been with Sun Media for just over a year.

This is the 6th time a media company i worked for has changed hands. For my friends in the radio world, 6 ownership changes isn’t many. That media companies changing hands has become the norm, doesn’t make it any easier. Some of the transitions have been a piece of cake. Some have been absolute train-wrecks.

My internal response to these transitions have fluctuated greatly. Early in my professional career I didn’t worry much about them. As i was getting more established, professionally and personally I would get very worked up-awful. Now though I am confident in my professional skills (including both my hard and soft skills), ability to network and keeping myself relevant and marketable to those looking to hire.

When I was finally able to get home last evening (I had to send out a press release announcing the sale before leaving) and got settled (I had already of course shared the news with my wife). We talked more, had an adult beverage (or two) on the porch, took a quick look at job openings (I just had to) and then went about the night’s works (dinner, play with the kids, some T.V.).

Times like this remind us of the important things. Not just the obvious important things (loving family & friends, safe place to call home), but also those other things.

{I know you thinking, what the heck is he talking about?}

On social media and this space, I have a tendency to write about the good, easy stuff (low hanging fruit-family/friends and so on) or harder subjects. politics, social issues and bad Red Sox signings.

I am going to be more thoughtful with my writings here.

Like it or not, read it or not, i will go a bit deeper and share those things you may not know that keep me going, thinking, take me to a happy place.

Hang on for: a multi generational rock band, an aging radio star/story teller, wood pulp, a food critic, peanuts & popcorn, C H20, and much-more more.

Hang tight. Happy Place Part 1 is coming soon.