WTRON FUN in tron mainnet tutorial:Investor(alias banker)

illustration.1 : Investment Status

WTRON FUN is a decentralized casino in tron mainnet.

This tutorial is for Investor(alias banker)

Part 1 : What’s the meaning of Round?

There are many rounds of investment.

In the illustration.1 above : the current round num is 1

Each round has investment min value and investment max value indicators.

Part 2: What’s the meaning of Investment min(max) value?

Investment min value indicate when dividend timer trigger

Investment min value is half of the Investment max value

In the illustration.1 above : Investment max value is 2,000,000 trx so that Investment min value is 1,000,000 trx.

When The amount of investment reach at 1,000,000 trx and the dividend timer is triggered to keep working for 3 days. After 3 days, Investor and promoter can withdraw their trx

illustration.2 : Dividend timer

Investment max value indicate investment when to stop in this round

why need investment max value ?

For example : When the investment min value is reached, investors can receive rewards in three days. After the dividend timer starts, people continue to invest on the first day and reach the investment max value on the first day. Then the next day and the third day will no longer accept investment.

Amount of the investment min value and investment max value

In round one : investment min value is 1,000,000 trx and investment max value is 2,000,000 trx

In round two : investment min value is 2,000,000 trx and investment max value is 4,000,000 trx

In round three : investment min value is 3,000,000 trx and investment max value is 6,000,000 trx

As you can see

investment min value = roundnum *1,000,000 trx

investment max value = investment min value * 2

Part 3: Will investors who invest in early make more profits?

Yes.Good products bring increased profits.

Part 4: How to calc the profit?

Investors profit are determined by join-time and at the end profit of the current round.

For example:

Look at illustration.1: Invest Capital This Round is 4000 trx and The round profit is 1,037 trx now

Now I invest 500 trx, the Invest Capital This Round will update to 4500 trx, And assuming that Total profit this round is 10,000 trx when the round end

So the data would be:

Your personal data:

Amount of investment (alias A) : 500 trx

Join-time profit (alias B) : 1,037 trx

Round data:

Invest Capital This Round(alias C): 4,500 trx

Total profit this round(alias D) : 10,000 trx

Investor profit percent(alias E) : 0.8

So how much could i withdraw ?

Withdraw amount(alias Z)

Z = A + ((D-B)/C) * A * E

Fill in the above data.

Z = 500 + ((10,000–1,037)/4500) * 500 * 0.8 = 1,296 trx

Conclusion : You invest 500 trx in this round . and you can withdraw 1,296 trx

Part 5: Will investment data continue into the next round?

You can withdraw your profit in next round. All your money withdraw at once.

The new round of data is completely fresh. If you still interest in the game, you can invest in the new round

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