3rd “You Are the Judge” Web3 International Film Festival Takes Beijing by Storm

2 min readApr 19, 2024

The 3rd “You Are the Judge” Web3 International Film Festival, organized by WTe, the leading Web3 film watching and trading platform, hits Beijing from April 30 to May 1.

The festival has engaged over 6000 global film buffs and Web3 enthusiasts who used exclusive NFT festival passes to score and vote for their favorite films from a pool of nearly 250 submissions spanning 40 countries. From this, nine outstanding works from the USA, China, UK, France, Poland, Iran, Cambodia, and more will be screened offline, offering a glimpse into global cinema.

Fueling this innovation is FilmFi, a cutting-edge protocol pioneered by WTe, which introduces a truly decentralized festival mechanism. Through authenticating utility NFTs, participants become judges, casting votes for their favorite films and sharing in their international distribution with filmmakers.

In addition to screenings, the festival hosts forums and fireside chats, bringing together Web2 and Web3 filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and entertainment project builders to discuss topics such as “FilmFi,” “Watch to Earn” models, decentralized filmmaking, and NFT-based film distribution. This initiative aims to drive adoption of blockchain and Web3 tokenomics in the film industry, benefiting creators and audiences alike.

About WTe

WTe, short for “Watch, Trade and earn”, is the first-ever Web3 film watching and trading platform. Founded by a professional team with extensive experience and resources in film, entertainment, and Web3, WTe pioneered FilmFi, enabling audiences to “Watch to earn” through trading utility NFTs. It addresses industry pain points by facilitating distribution for independent creators and young filmmakers, aiming to propel the traditional film industry into the Web3 era.

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Web3 Film Watching and Trading Platform. Initiator of FilmFi. The 3rd "You Are the Judge" Web3 International Film Festival will be in April.