Winners Announced for the You Are the Judge Web3 Film Festival

2 min readJan 3, 2024

The highly anticipated winners of the 2nd You Are the Judge Web3 International Film Festival have been unveiled. The awards, including five Best Short Films and one Best Feature Film, were determined through a unique blend of live and online audience scoring, reflecting the diverse preferences of our global audience.

Opportunity on Web3 Film Watching Platform “WTe”

The laureled filmmakers gain an exclusive opportunity to feature their winning films on WTe — Web3 film watching platform. WTe, which stands for “Watch, Trade, and Earn,” pioneers decentralized film watching and making. Filmmakers can directly sell NFT watching passes and NFT “family member cards” to viewers, providing a unique international distribution service that eliminates complex intermediaries, enabling filmmakers to save costs and earn more throughout the filmmaking and distribution process.

The Power of NFTs

WTe introduces distinctive NFT watching passes, offering audiences the chance to become international distributors. By trading unique NFTs, audiences can benefit from the success of outstanding films and collaborate with filmmakers to produce more exceptional works.

Community-Driven Film Making

Moreover, on WTe, communities, movie fans, and audiences holding NFT “Family cards” possess the sole power to decide film stories, select actors and actresses, and determine the value of the film. WTe truly decentralizes the film-making, watching, and trading process, creating a dynamic and inclusive Web3 cinematic ecosystem.

Congratulations to all the winners for their remarkable contributions to the world of film. The You Are the Judge Web3 International Film Festival continues to push boundaries, fostering innovation and inclusivity within the film industry in Web3 era.




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Web3 Film Watching and Trading Platform. Initiator of FilmFi. The 3rd "You Are the Judge" Web3 International Film Festival will be in April.