You Are the Judge Unveils Selections from 10 Countries

3 min readDec 16, 2023

The Web3 International Film Festival showcases a selected lineup of 17 diverse films from 10 countries across Drama, Horror, Erotic, and Action tracks. Award-winning films will be decided by audiences, presenting in the offline screenings or holding NFTs. Beyond screenings, the event offers Web3+Film&Entertainment forums, post-talks, on-site scoring, NFT raffles, and an after-party.

The 2nd You Are the Judge Web3 International Film Festival proudly announces its official selections, featuring a compelling lineup of 17 short and feature films from 10 countries around the globe. The festival, set to captivate audiences from December 23–25, 2023, promises an immersive Web3 cinematic experience like never before.

Diverse Tracks Illuminate Global Creativity

This year’s festival is distinguished by its four prominent tracks: Drama, Horror, Erotic, and Action. The selected works showcase an eclectic spectrum of creativity and styles, exploring a wide range of globally relevant themes. From the realms of AI, crypto, and family conflicts to the harsh realities of war, crime, LGBTQ+, diseases, and race, the submitted films provide thought-provoking narratives that delve deep into the complexities of contemporary society.

Unveiling the Award-Winning Film

With the diverse array of films on display, the question arises: which one will be crowned the award-winning film? As the festival’s tagline suggests, “You are the judge, everyone is a judge,” each holds the key to this decision, making the festival an inclusive celebration of diverse storytelling. Award-winning films will be decided by audiences, whether present at offline screenings or holding NFTs, further emphasizing the democratic and participatory nature of the judging process.

An Unmissable Festival Experience

The You Are the Judge Web3 International Film Festival goes beyond traditional screenings, offering a comprehensive festival experience.

Offline and Online Screenings: Immerse yourself in the captivating stories from around the world.

Post-Talk with Filmmakers: Gain insights into the creative minds behind the cameras.

On-Site Audience Scoring: Your opinions matter! Score the films on the spot and be a part of the judging process.

NFT Raffles and Airdrop: Exclusive NFTs with VIP rights and surprises await lucky participants!

Grand Official After-Party: Celebrate the movie-themed Christmas party with fellow filmmakers and fans, and web3 builders.

Mark your calendars for December 23–25, 2023, and join us in this global celebration of film, creativity, and Web3 entertainment. Be part of the excitement by following us on social media for updates, behind-the-scenes content, and exclusive glimpses into the festival’s events.

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About the Festival

The You Are the Judge Web3 International Film Festival is a groundbreaking platform that empowers audiences with exclusive NFT passes to be the judges of outstanding films from around the world. By combining cinema, Web3, NFTs, and audience engagement, the festival redefines the traditional film festival experience.




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