Best Short Films Revealed at 3rd You Are the Judge Web3 Intl. Film Fest

2 min readMay 4, 2024

The 3rd You Are the Judge Web3 International Film Festival has drawn to a close in Beijing, marking another successful celebration of global Web3 cinema innovation.

Five Audience Choice Winners emerged from the festival, decided directly after screenings by holders of festival NFT and Web2 tickets. These winning films hail from France, USA, UK & Cambodia, Iran, and Poland, showcasing the diversity and excellence of international filmmaking talent.

WTe, the festival organizer, announced its commitment to provide NFT-based international distribution services for the award-winning short films. This empowers filmmakers to directly distribute their outstanding works to audiences without intermediaries, while incentivizing audiences with “watch to earn” opportunities.

Throughout the two-day festival events, attendees enjoyed official selection screenings, live scoring sessions, post-talks, and the Web3+Film & Entertainment forum. During the post-talk session, British director Daniel Newman engaged audiences in a discussion about cross-cultural filmmaking.

The forum “Win Now! Web3 Filmmakers” featured prominent figures from the Web3 entertainment space, including crypto artist and leader of crypto artist DAO Wang Jianxing, founder of Web3 music project Omi, and AI researcher Xiong Chenxin. They explored the vast opportunities of the Web3 entertainment landscape.

The festival’s conclusion marks another milestone in the evolution of the global film industry towards a more decentralized and inclusive future.

About WTe

WTe, short for “Watch, Trade and earn”, is the first-ever Web3 film watching and trading platform. Founded by a professional team with extensive experience and resources in film, entertainment, and Web3, WTe pioneered FilmFi, enabling audiences to “Watch to earn” through trading utility NFTs. It addresses industry pain points by facilitating distribution for independent creators and young filmmakers, aiming to propel the traditional film industry into the Web3 era.

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