You Are the Judge Wraps Up Successfully in Beijing

5 min readDec 27, 2023

The 2nd You Are the Judge Web3 International Film Festival concluded its highly anticipated 3-day events in Beijing from December 23 to December 25, marking a significant milestone in the convergence of film, Web3 and NFTs.

Highlights of the Festival:

Diverse Participation

Over a hundred film producers, filmmakers, film enthusiasts, Web3 investors, and builders actively engaged in a series of events, including the opening forum, screenings, post-talks with international filmmakers, after-parties, and an NFT lucky drop.

Web3+Film & Entertainment Forum

The grand opening forum featured distinguished guests, including award-winning film writer and director Fengcai Lu, renowned film producer Jingyong Sun, VEGA Ventures CEO and Web3 entertainment investor Anita, Web3 financial journalist and crypto advisor Anderson, and BroadChain founder and 1783DAO initiator Whdysseus. The panel discussions delved into the new opportunities in the film industry within the Web3 landscape, covering topics such as challenges in the traditional film industry, emerging methodologies in film production within the Web3 and digital economy, and the intersection of Web3 capital with film and video projects.

Global Film Selection

A curated selection of 17 short and feature films from China, USA, UK, France, Spain, Poland, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Belarus were featured in the 3-day screenings.

Post-Screening Insights

Three film production teams were invited for on-site post-talks, providing a deeper insight into the creative process. For other filmmakers, presentation videos were showcased, allowing virtual participation and interaction.

“You Are the Judge”

After each screening, the audience was actively involved in scoring the films. Fourteen selections were screened offline, while the remaining three were exclusively available online to Festival NFT Pass holders, adding an innovative layer of engagement for the Web3-savvy audience.

Audience Choice Awards

Six Audience Choice awards will be announced by January 1st, 2024, recognizing the films that resonated most with the festival attendees.

Global Distribution with NFTs

The festival organizer, Web3 OTT Platform WTe, is set to facilitate global distribution for award-winning films by issuing limited NFT watching passes. These NFTs will enable filmmakers and audiences to watch, trade, and earn, marking a pioneering approach in the intersection of film and blockchain technology.

About You Are the Judge

Brought to life by the visionary minds behind the Web3 film watching and trading platform WTe, the You Are the Judge Web3 International Film Festival revolutionizes film festivals by issuing NFT Festival Passes, giving audiences the power to review submissions and decide award-winning films. With the motto “You are the judge, everyone is a judge,” we democratize film selection, amplifying audience voices in the industry. We seek films balancing artistic expression and commercial viability, fostering a community-driven environment via Web3 concepts. Leveraging blockchain technology, we ensure the authenticity and integrity of film copyrights.

For more information and ticket reservations, please visit You Are the Judge website, or follow us on Twitter/X, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.




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