Soundtrack Assignment: 3 Favorite Songs

  1. Fleet Foxes, “Blue Ridge Mountains”. My high school years were filled with fall bike rides and camping. There’s something special about the combination of nature and Fleet Foxes. The echoing vocals and upbeat rhythm had me hooked as a 15 year old. I never understood the real meaning of the lyrics, but they tell an interesting story.

2. MGMT, “Electric Feel”. MGMT has always been a source of chill electronic music for when I’m studying or hanging out. Electric Feel was one of my favorites when I discovered it, the music video and the song itself are a classic to any fan. The lyrics describe a global connection, reflected in lines like:

All along the eastern shore
Put your circuits in the sea
This is what the world is for
Making electricity

The beat and rhythm had me hooked as a kid, but the message within the lyrics put this song over the top.

3. The Shins, “New Slang”. With movies like “Garden State” and my love for upbeat folk and rock in high school, The Shins are a perfect fit for my music taste. The thoughtful lyrics and the addictive melody brought this song to a new level for me. I never stopped listening to this song and album, its the soundtrack to everything I love about fall and being outside. I have no regrets for my high school taste in music because of songs like this.

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