You gotta choose — part 2

I’m sure that you have agonizing over the Giant List of Virtues. It is, in fact, Giant and a List but it doesn’t need to be daunting. As noted before, there are canned options you can select to avoid the brain power expense. And having a point off which to build can get you going faster.

This is part 2 of a multi part series. See part 1 here.

The Easy Path

In a number of ways the faster path is the virtuous one. Having choices made before you start means more time to think about *maintaining* your virtues. And a faster start means faster to virtue and faster to failure.

Hold up? Failure is good?

Heck yeah, failure is great. Failure means you tried something and it didn’t work. And if you eliminate one way to fail, that makes it more likely you’ll find the successful thing. No successful *anything* was successful on the first try. And anyone saying that they never failed is selling you snake oil.

So using pre-fab Virtue Lists means a faster chance to run headlong into a wall.

> Sounds great….

Yes! Walls *are* great! Knowing what won’t work gets you closer to what will but this is not to say a Virtue Project should be easy.

If you find yourself having little trouble achieving your virtues, maybe you need to take a long hard look at them? Are you really trying?

Difficult Virtues

There’s a difference between challenging yourself and changing who you are. The former is what we are aiming for here — growth, improvement, effort. What we are not aiming for is a total overhaul of who you are as a person, at least not in total straight out of the gate.

Say that the virtue you’re seeking is Gregariousness — the quality of being social, out going, talkative in groups — and you’re an introvert. You’ve always been the quiet one at parties, it is mentally or emotionally exhausting to interact with strangers, maybe attempting to become gregarious is not the best option? Or limit the degree to which you are gregarious?

This is a good example for me, though this was not on my list. It was a sort of challenge goal related to it.

A Long Time Ago in a Career Far

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