Prepareathon and Weather Issues of the Day: A Candid Chat With FEMA’s Craig Fugate

By Dr. Marshall Shepherd

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is critical to the nation and a beacon of hope for many in times of disaster. I have always noted that FEMA is one of those agencies that is like an insurance policy. You may not notice the investment until you need it. As such, I frown when I see the occasional political gamesmanship with FEMA or NWS budgets. They are essential to the nation.

Dr. Marshall Shepherd and Administrator Fugate

On Weather Geeks Sunday, I sit down with FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate. Administrator Fugate appeared briefly on a past episode of WxGeeks to discuss snowstorm forecasts in the northeast. However, I am really “geeked” to have him on for the entire show. If you know anything about the Administrator, then you know that he is well-versed in weather and climate topics of the day. Ironically, on the day that we taped the interview, the Weather Channel was in the midst of a tornado warning. I was looking at Radarscope watching a hook echo only a few miles north of us while chatting with the FEMA Administrator. There is something interesting and ironic in that.

Thunderstorm near The Weather Channel

Administrator Fugate joins us to talk about American’s Prepareathon, which happens April 30th Link. This is a grassroots effort to engage the American public in preparedness and resiliency to natural hazards/disasters.

However, you didn’t think we could have Administrator Fugate on and not “geek out” on some weather and climate topics too. We talk about a range of topics including: forecast uncertainty communication, uniform messaging by TV meteorologists, the hurricane cone of uncertainty, tornado sirens, and more. I also ask about the new FEMA mandates related to funds being tied to states having a climate change plans in place. You will not want to miss this interview because I always find Administrator Fugate to be candid and to the point.

Please join us Sunday at Noon ET (11 CT, 10 MT, 9 PT). Also, be on the lookout for the California Drought episode with NASA’s Jay Famglietti in early May. It was preempted for live storm coverage last week.

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