Weather Analytics:
What is It and How it Affects Your Life and Our Economy?

By: Dr. Marshall Shepherd

Consider the following questions……..

Do you know what temperature will cause a coffee shop to sell more hot drinks than cold drinks (or vice versa)?

What food product sells the most during hurricane watches in certain big box stores?

Can we optimize energy or healthcare costs based on the weather?

Each of these questions affects day-to-day life (Oh, and we answer them on the show). Yet, there is a powerful wrinkle in them. Weather information. It is no secret that weather has been an integral part of business decisions for decades. Jeff Lazo and colleagues reported, in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), that weather impacts roughly 3–4% of Gross Domestic Product in a give year. However, the world of Weather Analytics takes such integration to a new level. New partnerships are emerging that seek to exploit real-time weather insights and “big data” to improve operational performance and business decision-making. The emergence of big data strategies, cloud computing, and analytics is literally taking us from the “clouds to the cloud” to improve society and the array of decisions that are made in a given day.

For example, the U.S. economy stumbled in the 1st quarter of 2015. Weather and low energy prices were blamed (Link). Could weather analytics be the difference in mitigating such economic impacts in the future?

We go there on Weather Geeks Sunday with Paul Wash, Vice President of Weather Analytics/Forecast Factor (Weather Company) and Glenn Finch, Big Data and Analytics Lead (IBM Global Business Services). We get into a fascinating discussion of how the world of analytics can literally change the way businesses and society functions. I’ll ask them about healthcare, energy, and other things that affect “your” life. And though you probably intuitively know weather impacts business, some of the things we get into just may surprise you.

Dr Marshall Shpeherd, Glenn Finch, Paul Walsh

But wait, one aspect of weather analytics is a level of automation that takes weather information from the source to decision-making, in some cases, without human intervention. Is the meteorologist obsolete in a world of analytics? How do we train the next generation for this new world? We have a spirited discussion on all of these topics.

This topic is tailor made for Weather Geeks, and you will definitely learn something from it even if you don’t have a meteorology degree or MBA.

We can’t wait to bring you this episode Sunday**.

Future shows on deck for May include a great show with Denver Broncos Tight End Owen Daniels, a degreed meteorologist and NFL pro-bowl caliber football player and a preview of the 2015 Hurricane Season with Colorado State’s Phil Klotzbach and NOAA NHC’s Eric Blake.

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