Weather Geeks Turns 1…And Dr. Chuck Doswell Returns

By Dr. Marshall Shepherd

Sunday marks the 1-year anniversary of WxGeeks and almost 50 episodes. Wow.

Over the course of the year, we have tried to engage, educate, and respect our viewers by giving them insight on topics of the day in weather and climate. We have agreed, disagreed, and intelligently addressed topics of interest, inspiration, and even discomfort. Along the way, we have proven that viewers will consume science that is not watered down. Through our social media engagement, we have also invited the viewers and community to be a part of the show.

In debuting a new show, we had to have a credible and respected first guest from the weather community. My friend, mentor, and colleague Dr. Chuck Doswell met the criteria. The team affectionately refers to Dr. Doswell as the “OG”-Original Geek, and we truly consider him a part of the team. I hope he feels that too.

To celebrate 1 year of Weather Geeks, we invited Dr. Doswell back to talk about issues of the day in the weather community as only Dr. Doswell can. Let me put it this way, “he’s smart, experienced, candid, and not shy….”

Topics we hit in this episode include:

1. Recent discussions about National Weather Service Reorganization.

2. Professional Sports Venues and Weather Threats (inspired by the recent Cubs vs Cardinals game, Link). The Capital Weather Gang article in the link is significant because Jason Samenow of CWG was the guest on the 2nd episode of Weather Geeks.

3. Watch vs Warning. Is it confusing to the public?

4. Is there a such thing as “too much lead time?”

5. Do some TV meteorologists hinder the warning process rather than help? And who does he consider a good example at getting the message out in threatening situations?

There are a few additional surprises on the show too, but you have to tune in to see them.

Please join us Sunday at Noon ET (11 CT, 10 MT, 9 PT).. You will not want to miss this one!

Also, the following Sunday, be sure to tune in for a special “Best of Year 1 of Weather Geeks”.

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