Wyatt Walker

My 2008 Subaru Impreza

Even if you aren’t scaling a mountain it is always nice to be driving in a car that you know for sure can make the trip. You really need a reliable car to get you to those beautiful places you want to go. Looking for such a fantastic and reliable car for the right price can be a pain so look no further because my goal is to help you in your decisions.

I have owned my Subaru for about 4 years now and I have been in and out of many sticky situations. My car has been very reliable I can think of several times my car has performed when I needed it to just off the top of my head. Such as when I was in Oregon and I was driving around on the beach doing doughnuts in the loose sand with ease unlike the many other cars who were getting towed out of the holes that their cars would dig in the sand. Or when I drive in the snow I can drift around corners and I can still keep traction because Subaru’s have symmetrical all-wheel drive.

A downside is that Subaru’s like mine generally have a lower suspension than jeeps or SUV’s but then again it isn’t meant for going off jumps or going in deep mud because it is a sedan. But for getting up to Mt. Baker or driving in the ice and snowy passes there is nothing better than a Subaru.

Another nice thing about Subaru’s is that they are so personalize able I like to express myself through my car. all of my interior lights are red (everything from the speedometer to the radio to the dome lights), I have halo headlights that change color but I usually run them red too. I have also wired red LEDs to my subwoofers so when the bass goes the lights flash red at your feet. So with all of that I’ve created an aggressive look/feel to my car that make my car look like a demon. I also have red lowering springs and black rims with red accents around the outside of the rim installed. I also installed cold/ short ram air intake which increase horse power and gas mileage. That with my performance exhaust system which increases horse power and airflow, that with my lowering springs which lowers my cars center of gravity, makes my car’s acceleration and handling pretty good. I can feel my head being pulled back into the seat as I accelerate.

Many people don’t want a Subaru because it is expensive. A straight off the lot 2016 WRX can go for anywhere from $26,000 to $31,000, which would be really expensive for the usual college student, being a college student myself, I wasn’t able to go car shopping at a lot so I decided to look on Craigslist. If your budget is pretty small I am sure you could find one for a couple thousand dollars. My friend bought a 2002 Subaru WRX a little while ago for $4,000 and it is in great condition, The WRX stands for world rally cross which is racing but off road so these cars are meant to be used on and off road and they hold their value well. If your reason not to get one is because lots of people have them, well why do you think so many people have them? It is because they are cool, reliable and fun to drive. The thing is when you buy a BMW or an Audi they tend to break down and the parts are expensive and can be hard to find because they’re foreign makers, while as Subaru’s are very popular in the U.S. and in most places around the world so there are plenty of places that can work on them.

Test drive a Subaru if you aren’t sold because you will instantly love their driving style and how reliable they are. Many are manuals so make sure you know how to use a stick! I enjoy being outdoors and my Subaru keeps up with me so why not go buy yourself a Subaru and start your adventure.

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