5 Techniques for Making Next Level Would You Rather Questions

The main reason we wanted to create this Would You Rather card game was because we wanted to include everyone in the game. Not everyone can come up with a solid thought provoking and vomit inducing questions. I wanted to share some of my techniques for coming up with great would you rather questions. Using my strategies your question will be a hit the next time you decide to gross out your friends with a sick and twisted would you rather question!

A lot of Bad vs A Little Worse

Take two scenarios that are bad with one that is clearly worse than the other, then take the one that is a slightly better option and up the ante. Example: Would you rather eat a spoon full of dog poo or drink a gallon of semen. Clearly drinking semen is a better option but when it becomes an entire gallon it becomes more comparable to that one bite of doo doo.

Personal Attack

If you know the people you are playing with just exploit any phobias or irrational fears they may have. Maybe they are afraid of spiders or poop stuff, either way find ways to make them select a ridiculous scenario that a rational person wouldn’t choose otherwise. For example: I have a buddy who has an irrational fear of poo, so any question involving poo he is always choosing the other option! Would you rather toss Kate Upton’s salad or be the star in a NBA player bukkake? (he would always choose the bukkake)

Long Term vs Temporary

Create a really terrible scenario that is temporary, then dream up another scenario that is not as bad but lasts a much longer time. Example: Would you rather eat a bowl of chili out of a stripper’s ass or be handcuffed to a creepy leather suit-fetish man for a year?

Personality Test

Give someone two options, one that is clearly better for someone else and another option that is clearly better for only themselves. Example: Step in dog poo everyday for the rest of your life or your friend has their index finger cut off.

Ridiculous vs Ridiculous

And finally there is the classic, two incredibly ridiculous scenarios that are completely unrelated. These questions are best if the are both incredibly terrible and incredibly detailed. Example: Would you rather be the middle person of a Human Centipede or be the co-star of a Donkey Show in Mexico?

Hope this gets your creative juices flowing. If they really get flowing, and I mean like heavy flooding levels, head over to wyrgame.com and submit a few questions!

*Just realized I might have a poop fetish… Every example I used above involves poop or buttholes, oops

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