Update (June 23rd) — Anne

I feel like we are finally making some headway. At first, it seemed like it would be nearly impossible to understand the Cornerstone SDK’s class structure and all its elements. However based on existing examples, we have been able to make a simple application on the MultiTaction display using C++, our newly learned computer language. Here was our progression.

STEP 1: A beautiful yet unhelpful glitch on our way to connecting drawn dots with lines.
STEP 2: We got lines to connect drawn dots

After this (I don’t have any pictures yet), we were able to get our program to bind the drawing of dots to the axis we created, as well as continuously calculate the slope between the drawn dots. We see this as the basis for a really cool cyber-learning application. Tomorrow we are going to work on adjusting the size of our graphing app widget so that two people can work separately on one screen. I have hope that we will continue to enhance our understanding of the Cornerstone SDK and become more fluent in programming the MultiTaction with that understanding.

— Anne

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