Andela Bootcamp VII: Day Three

Today I felt the intensity of the bootcamp. Too many new concepts all at once-boom!!

But first off, warms up.Today’s activities almost cracked my ribs especially when some of us did the complete opposite of what was expected. I learnt that concentration is a necessity for you to do the right thing.

Back in Hogwarts(our training room)we looked at data types in python including the simple ones or with coders jargon primitive data types e.g. int,float,long etc and the compound ones or abstract data types e.g. lists,tuples and dictionaries and also did a lot of looping.

Wondering what that is?

A loop is a segment of code that repeats a given task a certain number of times.I am sure that gives you the idea,right?I must say I need to take some time and digest the loops though.Then there was *args(allows you to define a function that expects an unknown number of arguments) and **kwargs(deals with dictionary elements).The trainer also introduced the concept of Object Oriented Programming.The main thing being classes and objects.I liked this part.We defined quite some classes and their instances.Later in the day , we were introduced to Andelabs. From what I understood, I would say it is a Andela platform with tests for sharpening your coding skills.We are supposed to do most of them by Friday coming(so help me God).

Too much talk about codes and about lunch?It wasn’t yummy, it was yu-mm-mier. Today I did meet and had chats with new people,maybe you know not that I like making new friends. I had an educative chat with Getrude one of the fellows.Very…very helpful in summary.

As I look forward to day four, I have in the back of my mind the huge Assignment’s folder.’Will I handle?’ Oh yes I can! I am pressing on .

Come day four Come!

One day at a time