Andela Bootcamp VII: Day Two

Oh how I enjoyed day two! And talking of enjoying I think at this point I need mention that Andela bootcamps are a selection process. Not all of us will be there the last day of the bootcamp. Out of thirty seven, they need seven. Sad but necessary news. Anyway while we are here, I am giving it my best and having fun too.

The day started with the warm ups. Remember yesterday I was praying it doesn’t rain during warm ups? It didn’t. Oyee!!!Fun reloaded and personally, I like such games. After the warm ups, we started the class with a discussion. Remember Food For Thought (FFT) on ‘how to share code’? So this is what the discussion was all about. Group by group, we presented our findings. For every presentation, there was something new to learn and the fact that we were working in groups made it even better. We can share code on github, etherpad, pastie, bitbucket, code barrel the list is endless. Each of this sites has different settings and requirements depending on the needs of a developer.

Thereafter we were introduced to github. Relax, let me tell you what github is. First, it is a platform that allows developers to share code. Two, github offers free repositories for open source projects. A repository is a file archive where large amounts of code for software are kept publicly and privately. Think of it like a folder containing millions and millions of open source code for review, re-use, collaboration etc. Three, it is a version control system — allows you to keep track of changes performed in a given file.

We actually went ahead and created github repositories. I think my fellow boot campers like me, were as eager to see how it works. We did basic git commands. At first they were like rocket science but as the day unfolded they got easier. Have you ever come across a snippet that makes your head want to crack, then later you get it and wonder within yourself ‘why wasn’t I getting it earlier?’ yeah — it happens.

I had told you I had software issues yesterday, but today everything worked as expected. I like the fact that there was no being left behind. The trainers together with fellow boot campers were eager to help where one was stuck. Talk of team work or is it collaboration, it could be both. We created some files (functions) and added them to the github repositories. There was FFT today too, how can we make sure our codes work? Be thinking about that!

Sometimes in life, something happens and you don’t want it to end. You want it to continue forever. That was day two for me, I almost stayed overnight.

And I shouldn’t just let it go by without mentioning the yummy lunches at Andela. I have a feeling that today set a good mood not just for me but for the rest of us. I hope day three catches the infection. I am loving this!!

T’was a cool day