Recruitment in Africa the ups and downs of recruiting

There are a few advantages to fulfilling a difference in cultures at work. Most companies have already found their diversity which has helped in creating new ideas and concepts which in turn has increased the efficiency of a new product.

When it comes to giving an exam based on the differences seen in the western and eastern culture, the only difference seen is the relationship of managements. Recruitments in Africa are perfectly handled by experts who know the economy of the state. Every professional recruiter understands how things are handled in Africa. Understanding the culture and the subtleties and how to make use of the resources available in the market is something only a professional can do. There are several industries keeping a look out for qualified candidates to handle all the responsibilities of the various branches in most of the African countries.

The willingness or the eagerness to travel all over the world is not some people are up to or interested in. Africa has always been a place known for its food and wildlife. There’s so much too every country, people have never discovered just by reading in books or on the internet. The recruitments in Africa are tough and have never been successful or have never hit the charts. People are skeptic about working in a country like Africa for the simple fear of being eaten by a wildlife animal. The recruiters are never satisfied with candidates who do not fit the profile they are looking for or want.

The corporate sector has seen a dip in the market and has gone through a bad recession. The process of Recession includes letting go off a hundred people in one go with one month’s pay. Recession is always a bad time to look for jobs because companies are not looking to recruit anyone. The process of recruitment is not easy and simple since it’s a long process where companies go through a long list of resumes trying to look for that one perfect candidate. The unemployed or the fresher’s have always had a hard time trying to nail a job interview or trying to look for a job that suits their profile or resume.

Africa is not the only country that has seen bad times like for instance the U.S has always gone through bad recessions where millions of people are left unemployed. After all the international countries, India is another country that has gone through its recession period which hasn’t been so bad since the market bounces back after a month .

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