Why Everyone Is Wrong About Pandora (Or — Who Should Buy Pandora)
Harry DeMott

I think the lack of knowing where your fans are is the worst problem. I run a small label and the larger music services are no help in this regard. You have to work those angles yourself, and those locations (ReverbNation, Bandcamp, others) are not utilized enough by fans to give you a clear idea. It almost makes me nostalgic for MySpace. Thanks for your ideas. Something, anything, that links you up with fan base location is the ticket. Also, for more adventurous music, Pandora is not a good place to get discovered, because the algorithm tends to push forward the most played items. It tends to increase obscurity, rather than championing the cool and unusual. You are in better shape, oddly enough, if your chosen musical style has a very specific audience. The networking done by fans/purveyors of more obscure music styles tends to be more helpful than if you are swimming in the bigger ponds.