How Adolf Hitler, I mean Donald Trump, Will Make America Great Again

President Donald Trump. The first thing to come to your mind is probably negative thoughts. But for me, I think great things about him. I am going to explain to you how President Trump should Make America Great Again.

To begin, President Trump does not want to ban Muslims; that is just a lie that the “lyin” media wants you to believe! It upsets me so much when I hear people repeat the lies about the our lead, who they consider a “Muslim-banner.” The people spreading these false statements are the same ones saying he would marry his own daughter if they were not related. He simply stated he wanted to create a Muslim database that would register every Muslim that lives or visits the United States. I totally agree with him on this plan. I am going to offer a bit of advice to the rookie president on his matter that will help him. If you want to create a database Muslims, make them wear a picture of The Quran on every shirt they own. This system has been installed in the past and we see how that worked out, right?

Secondly, Trump is a man of God. The Muslim, I mean Jewish propaganda machine wants us to believe that our dear leader Hitler was is racist. He often makes references to God and talks about how we should be a “godly” country once again. I mean who cares if he actually means this. If he says something, by god it is true and it will happen! MAGA! He always tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help him God. He probably says that phrase in his sleep since he has been sued 3,500 times, but who cares!

Adolf Trump will bring reform to America. He often talks about making our country “great again.” I mean hey, are you against a racist, sexist, homophobe because he wants his country clean of trash, filthy, ugly little “vermits?” He sees the filth Jews. Muslims, African Americans, Gays, and Native Americans, and women created the past eight years and desperately wants America to reverse these degrading trends that have seen 32 million people gain health care coverage, legalizing same-sex marriage, and more. President Adolf Trump will prop up the middle class by raising taxes on them while giving hundreds of tax breaks to billionaires like himself. He will encourage people to get healthy and active because you never know when ICE will come knocking on your door, David. He will bring back the great pride and cleanliness America once had!

**This post is meant as satire. I would never support Donald Trump**

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