It all starts with an idea…

I’ve never had anything in my life before iOS Development that made me want to wake up @ 4a.m. daily. I volunteered to enlist in a small worldwide team of collaborators, digital artists, internet architects, and dreamers above all else. For me, I love that with a mix of computer language and Apple products, I have the workbench and all the tools necessary to turn an idea into an invention. I love that I have skills that allow me to take something that is just a thought,and actually mold it into a live experience for others within our world.

I think right now it’s a battle for the mindshare of developers and for the mindshare of customers, and right now iPhone and Android are winning that battle.
-Steve Jobs

When you tap on an app icon and launch into an mobile experience, you are interacting with others dreams and ambitions. Every pretty animation, every button, everything within the app has been coded in by people you may never meet, yet there motivations brought about a product that you connect to emotionally. It’s the ultimate share, it’s the same as when you cry from a movie, release yourself into the beat of the music, and scream your teams war cry at a sporting event. Emotional connections accord our lives purpose and directionality.

I’ve discovered that coding is an artform. Coding gives me a medium from with to express myself much that a guitar can expel feelings unto a crowd. Apps bring joy and connection to others, strangers and friends alike. Apps filter a world of limitless information into digestible pieces. Apps allow us to pursue more in life while staying connected to our spheres of influence.

I am motivated everyday to the thought that there are people in the world who will experience my thoughts and ideas on a hardware device that rests in their hands daily.