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A common misconception I have been confronted with, excluding the assumption that developers are the same as IT technicians, is that having a CS degree (or a related field of study) is a prerequisite for pursuing a career in the software development field. Often, I interact with freshly minted graduates and for some reason they are contemplating a career change. The go-to for most is web development due to an impression market penetration is easy — largely attributed to the plethora of frameworks(Joomla, WordPress) and libraries available.

Howbeit, they are discouraged by their peers simply because they do not have…

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Hello Friends! Per popular requests from my readers, I will be going through some programming tips for novice programmers and those who want to learn how to code. Don’t forget to keep up with my blog posts so you don’t miss anything! Also, I will be sharing a few things on my twitter account so make sure you follow me @wadederby. Enjoy today’s lesson!

The most common questions I am asked by aspiring programmers are: (i) Which programming language is the best? and (ii) Which programming language is the easiest to use? The answer to both questions is the same…

Programming is hard… Part 1: The Journey

You know that hackneyed saying about how the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step? Well, my friend Godfred Boateng says the journey of a programmer begins with a thousand pages. He had spent three months of the vacation reading a thousand-page book on the fundamentals of C# programming.

He was sharing this information with my roommate and I. My roommate also agreed that he had read an equal measure or even more before grasping the fundamentals of programming. As they talked, I was on my bed laughing because I had…

I am most certainly not a genius. I’ve never taken an IQ test (because I do not care to know). However, as a child learning new things came quite easily to me. I loved Math and could solve complex problems that left some of my teachers in awe. I didn’t spend as much time studying as most of my peers did. It was awesome! And then my dad brought home a computer. It was an amazing machine! I spent a lot of time on it playing games, listening to music and browsing the internet. I felt I was going to…

Waheed Derby

Software Engineer at Working IT Solutions. Contributing partner at freeCodeCamp Accra "C&C".

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