WagerGames Platform features.

Sep 4, 2018 · 2 min read

The WG platform is breaking the financial barrier to form the esports team in the industry, and create an opportunity for more competitions for the esports players and teams. WG platform provides the opportunity for small to large sponsors, investors, players, and teams to take a share of the billion dollar industry.
Our WagerGames gaming platform is built on ethereum blockchain technology. We have created the REAL TIME SPORTS PLAYER’s experience to our platform players, which they will get direct engagement with their game managers and sponsors. This platform will ensure real time sports environment for esports and skilled gamers.

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This platform will allow the players to choose the games, team to join or form, challenges, tournaments, managers and game entry fee, etc. According to the players achievements and skills, they will be on the leader-board and it will allow our token holders, managers and sponsors to engage with the players and the platform will make sure privacy is protected from each engagement.
This decentralised platform will ensure each game and event is conducted by fair play.

Our WG platform will serve as a one ecosystem for esports players, team owners, sponsors, advertisers, esports-entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. This platform is not only allowed to form the team and play, but is also going to allow the players and teams challenge themselves in H2H matches for real money. Our platform will be more of a competitive environment than a mere esports team formation platform, because, gamers love competitions more than anyone else on this planet.

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