S1 — Ep.2: Gotcha!

Promo photo for episode 2

*Scene continues from last week when Janae confronted Kourtney at Sydney’s event*

Kourtney: Babygirl, he lives with me. Good try though.

Carmen: *Laughs and sips drink*

Sydney: Okay, hold up because something isn’t really adding up right now. So you both are with Marcedes? Who has receipts?

Janae: *Pulls out phone* Here are photos of us.

Chanelle: *Trying to change subject* Carmen, who are you dating?

Carmen: Derrick Rose.

Sydney: *Messily* That’s besides the point right now. So, you’re trying to tell me that y’all are with the same man? Which one of y’all bitches home wrecked?

Janae: I mean, I’ve been with him for two years. I’ve met his family already. This is exclusive.

Sydney: *Confessional* I already knew what was going on, but needed to ask shocked. *Laughs*

Kourtney: I’m sorry — Let me ask again. Who are you dating?

Janae: Marcedes, Mother fucking Lewis, bitch.

Sydney: Ok, Janae. Keep it down. We’re at my event.

Kourtney: Don’t call me outside my name or we’re going to have serious issues. That’s been my man for eight years.

Carmen: Make that only six years boo. Y’all have been sharing. Is the dick that good? *laughing*

Janae: One… I’m not speaking to you, Sydney. Secondly, I don’t care whose event I’m at. Some bitch is saying that she’s engaged to my man, what do you expect?

Kourtney: You really must be a side bitch.

Sydney getting into it with Janae.

Sydney: Watch your mouth or we’ll have real issues. Don’t disrespect me at my event.

*Security steps in just in case an altercation begins*

Carmen: *Confessional* These girls are arguing over a man when they’re both getting played! How tragic?

Janae: What business? You’re mad because you and your friend are washed up bitches.

Kourtney throwing drink in Janae’s face

Kourtney: *Throws drink in Janae’s face*

Janae: *Throws drink back at Sydney and Janae*

Sydney: BITCH! You got me fucked all the way up.

*Security holding everyone back from fighting*

Sydney: *Throws punch towards Janae*

Janae: *Confessional* Sydney is such a snooze fest. What a dumb bitch!

*Drink accidentally splashes on Carmen*

Carmen: Hold up, trashy bitch. *Grabs drink and throws the entire glass at Janae*

Sydney: *Gets pulled back* Let me go!

Janae: I’m trashy? Your cheap ass lifestyle is trashy bitch!

Carmen: *Gets escorted out*

*Kourtney, Carmen, and Sydney storm out*

Sydney: *Screams while walking out* I’m done. I’m going to get you.

Janae: *Talking to Chanelle* I can’t believe this.

Sydney: *Gets in car with Carmen angrily*

Kourtney: I’m going to see you bitches again, TRUST. *Gets in car and drives off*

Sydney: *To Carmen* They have fucked with the wrong ones.

Chanelle: These hoes are ratchet as fuck. I can’t.

*Scene ends*

*Next scene begins with Kourtney on her couch watching television, waiting for her fiancé to arrive back from his game. Marcedes walks in and tries to kiss Kourtney on her cheek.*

Marcedes: You not going to kiss me?

Kourtney: No, Marcedes. Back up.

Marcedes: What’s wrong this time?

Kourtney: I’m not going kiss your ass when you’re running around town with other bitches.
 Marcedes: Yo, what the fuck are you talking about? I thought we were in a good place.

Kourtney: I hate liars, Marcedes. Why is this bitch, Janae, saying that you two are in an exclusive relationship?

Marcedes: *Sucks teeth*

Kourtney: Don’t act dumb now. Your ass wasn’t acting dumb when you were fucking her.

Marcedes: Listen, baby. Calm down. I need you to explain the whole story to me. What happened?

Kourtney: Don’t “baby” me. I went to Sydney’s party and some bitch told me she’s been seeing for two years! Who is this bitch?

Marcedes: Ok, look. I’m not going to lie to you. We were on a break last month and I slipped up. I didn’t think it was cheating because I was depressed. I love you. That’s the reason why I proposed to you.

Kourtney: We were on a break, does that mean we broke up? No. How does a two week break turn into a two year relationship? Get your shit and get the fuck out.

Marcedes: Don’t start disrespecting me. This why we always having drama. I’m a grown ass man, not your child.

Kourtney: I don’t give a shit who you are. Get out.

Marcedes: So, if you going to kick me out of the house that I paid for, let me get that ring back. We can end this shit now.

Kourtney: Here’s your ring. Go give it that bitch. *Throws ring and runs up the stairs*

Kourtney: *Starts to cut his clothes and throw them in trash bags*

Marcedes: *Angrily* See this the disrespectful shit I’m talking about! You love starting shit. I’m done with you, this why you were single and miserable before me, bitch!

Kourtney: How am I starting shit?

*Marcedes walks out the house, slamming the door behind him. He gets in his car and skirts off*

Kourtney: *Talking to production crew* Can I get a few minutes? Can you cut the camera off.

*Scene ends*

Kourtney waiting for Malaysia to arrive.

*Scene takes place at restaurant in Midtown. Kourtney walks in and sits down, waiting for Malaysia. Scene starts off on a happy note*

Kourtney: *Confessional* So after all that drama at Sydney’s event, I’ve felt like I’ve been through hell and back. I needed to catch up with my girl Malaysia, who can help me and give me advice.

Malaysia: *Walks in*
Hostess: Hi, how many will be joining you today?

Malaysia: Actually, I’m here meeting a friend.

Hostess: Okay, do you know where she is?

Malaysia: Yes, she’s right over there! Thank you.
Malaysia: Kourtney, Hi!

Kourtney: *Confessional* Malaysia and I have been friends for well over five years. She left town to support her man while he was playing, but now she’s back and better than ever.

Malaysia entering the restaurant

Malaysia: You are looking boss today, per usual. *Hugs Kourtney*

Kourtney: *Hugs Malaysia*

Pic of Malaysia and Kylie Jenner caught by the paparazzi.

Malaysia: *Confessional* I’m Malaysia, fiancé to Cavalier’s player, Kyrie Irving. The Wags lifestyle is nothing, but the best. We get everything we want. I hang out with Kylie Jenner and many other celebrities. I’m a swimsuit designer and recently moved back to Twitter. Currently, I have two kids with Kyrie: Jamal and Tyler, but we’re trying to have one more.

*Malaysia and Kourtney sit down*

Malaysia: So, how have you been?
 Kourtney: Girl, it’s been rough. How are the kids doing?

Malaysia: They’re great! Kyrie and I are planning our wedding. He finally popped the question.

Kourtney: *Squeals* Girl, I am so happy for you. I’m was engaged too! We’ll get to that, later though.

Malaysia: What do you mean by “was”?

Kourtney: Not everything is all peaches and cream, girl! Anyways… I told you about how I’m hanging with a new group of girls, right?

Malaysia: Yeah.

Kourtney: Okay, well… I have some tea to give you about the other night.

Malaysia’s Confessional Look.

Malaysia: *Confessional* I’m so ready for this tea.

Kourtney: So, girl. I get to my friend, Sydney’s event and some bitch named Janae comes up to me and tells me that she’s dating Marcedes.

Malaysia: Oh gosh… Janae is with your fiancé?

Malaysia: *Confessional* At this point, I’m just wondering why they’re pressed over this man who obviously ain’t shit. I do have sympathy for Kourtney, but I am also good friends with Janae, so I’m a bit in the middle. I just don’t know if this is the time to tell her that I know Janae.t

Kourtney: When I got home, I let Marcedes ass have it. I cut his shit up and — *Starts crying*

Malaysia: Girl, don’t you dare start crying. *Gets up and walks over to hug Kourtney* I am so sorry you have to go through this. You don’t deserve it.

Kourtney: I’m not going around that bitch, ever. If I do, I’m going to loose it.

Malaysia: That’s crazy! Wow. How are you handling this?

Kourtney: Girl, this is so hard. I can’t sleep. I kicked his ass out the house and he asked for his ring back.

Malaysia: Fuck the ring! He needs to realize what he’s done.

Kourtney: You’re right.

*Kourtney’s phone buzzes*

Kourtney: Speaking of the devils. Chanelle, Janae’s bestie, just texted me.

Malaysia: Saying what? *Finishes glass of wine*

Photo of the text that Kourtney received from Chanelle

Kourtney: She says ‘Hi, ladies. I think we need to get together to discuss that catastrophe that went on last Saturday. If you’re available to meet this weekend for cocktails, I’d appreciate it. I think we should really talk this out like grown women.

Malaysia: Sooo… Are you going to go?

Kourtney: Girl, I don’t have time for these fake bitches.

Malaysia: Girl, you need to go and settle it out!

Kourtney: The only way I’ll go is if you’ll come with me.

Malaysia: I’ll go if you need me there.

Kourtney: Ok, then… It’s a plan. I’m tired. You ready to go?

Kourtney: I’ll see you on Saturday girl.

*Malaysia and Kourtney get up from table and walk out. Kourtney and Malaysia hug each other and get in their cars and drive off and go home.*

Episode ends. *Trailer for next week’s episode plays.*

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