Scores of ICO marketing companies have surfaced over the past 2 years, but there are some that standout. They have been in the business successfully for sometime and they have teams and competency which make them a choice for this article.

  1. Palm Beach Marketing (USA)
Palm Beach Marketing

Palm Beach Marketing has been doing marketing communications on all mediums for crypto-currency with the help of its strong and dedicated community members. Over the past few years, they have gained esteemed clients to serve them on multi-facets issues such as troll-attacks, increased traffic and searches. They have a help market, and have attained a combined $193 million worth of capital. The need of their services has radically been appreciated after the advent of increased targeted-troll attacks, which are basically online gangs. Their active role and real community further gave a kick-start in attracting more organic community members.

PBM is a full-fledged ICO and coin marketing company with a large team size of over 150 members, which helps them achieve their goals.

2. Crowdcreate (USA)


Crowdcreate is a top-rated marketing agency. It is located in Los Angeles, and deals with crypto marketing channels. The agency caters to branding, designing and video production, media management, PR outreach, and influencer marketing. They have successfully funded over 40 crowdfunding campaigns raising over 10 million dollars in 3 years, by focusing on a data-driven approach for every campaign, be it a blockchain or a branding campaign.

3. ICOBOX (Russia)


ICOBox is the first and the biggest new generation Blockchain Growth Promoter and Business Facilitator for companies seeking to sell their products via ICO crowdsale.

They create smart contracts and deploy book building platforms for projects, and their marketing strategy is to provide traffic package and PR package to attract their audiences.

4. Official Startups (Canada)

Official Startups

Dedicated to inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit and fulfilling business dream, Official Startups is a full service strategic business consulting, brand management, and marketing agency. It is a brick and mortar company, and is well reputed in the Canadian Blockchain Community.

The ICO Blockchain team is piloted by Audrey Nesbitt, who leads a large team that covers every stage required to have a successful ICO.

5. KEY Difference Media

KEY Difference Media

KEY Difference Media focuses exclusively on the crucial stage of ICO marketing. They bridge the gap between the investors and the audience interested in the startup. They have a well known team of experts in the blockchain community, which helps you in building an engaging, and trustworthy online brand that your audience demands. They put forward strong offers and bold content to reach out to the leads most motivated to invest in the startup. They build their users trust by using their investment with dedicated engagement and a forward-thinking voice. Their multi-touch marketing and strategic branding help them make the most profits.

6. Priority Token (Singapore)

Priority Token

Priority Token offers Investment Consulting, Marketing Support, and Technical Support for your ICO project promotion with the help of leading resources. They supply a concrete, experienced and strong team of professionals that assist you in making your ICO project successful.

7. Sparkchain (USA)


Sparkchain is an agency that helps companies that are technology-focused to transform their brands by bringing powerful narratives to life through public relations and integrated marketing programs. The agency’s full suite of services consists of content and social development, programmatic distribution, and other forms of paid media, and data-driven insights to inform strategic planning and measure go to market plans. Through its Sparkchain division they provide comprehensive strategic communications, and marketing services for blockchain and cryptocurrency leaders.

From guiding successful token sales to growing companies’ post-ICO, and from startups to Fortune 1,000 members, they have emerged as the preferred partner for these highly specialized services across the globe.

8. Searched (UK)


Searched is a crypto-currency marketing agency, constructed by entrepreneurs, which has naturally navigated towards blockchain startups and ICOs to support launch and growth. It is a dedicated Blockchain marketing agency like no other because of their successful projects, and with their experience in growing startups from the ground up using their advanced SEO and digital marketing strategies, and development skills.

By bridging the gap between web development, search, PR, and content marketing for blockchain startups and ICOs, and seeing their clients grow, Searched ensures ultimate performance in a time constrained industry.

9. Belkin Marketing (Hong Kong)

Belkin Marketing

Founded in 2007 in San Diego, California, Belkin Marketing Team currently works out of three offices in San Diego, Moscow and Hong Kong. It is a global digital marketing agency which provides services like market, search and media strategy, SMM and experience marketing.

A unique team of digital creators go through an extensive hiring process to eliminate all but the best. In addition, the agency is currently partnered with several global marketing and retail professional brands — including JosDeVries (Holland), DOING (Italy), Think Kong (Poland). It is also worth mentioning that Belkin Marketing has remarkable work in content marketing and lead generation.

10. Mo Works (Australia)

Mo Works

Mo Works is a Melbourne based creative agency delivering digital solutions that spark conversations, create wonderful experiences and make meaningful connections. It helps you start a business of your dreams because it has just the right strategy, channels and creative components will connect you with your audience.

11. Strategic Coin (New York, USA)

Strategic Coin

Strategic Coin is a leading research and advisory firm for companies who wish to incorporate blockchain capabilities into their business model via utility token launches. Their customer research reports provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of token use cases and platform value.

With the Strategic Coin Advantage network of partners, they offer personalized services for the pre-launch, full-launch, and post-launch phases of Token Generation Events (TGEs).

12. CUBE29 (Berlin, Germany)


CUBE29 is a full-service ICO PR and marketing agency that leverages all communication channels to spread the news about your upcoming ICO. It focuses on helping tech companies and startups to launch and promote their ICO successfully.

CUBE29 was founded by marketing and PR professionals. It provides companies with professional communications support that decide to raise funds through ICO.

13. ICO Angels (Great Britain)

ICO Angels

ICO Angels is a crypto capital launch pad that positions blockchain related projects for ICO funding by offering specialist consulting and marketing services.

They have enhanced the normal crowd funding process by converting their own network of Angel investors into evangelists of the emerging cryptocurrency market.

14. Argon Group (USA)

Argon Group

The Argon Group is an investment bank that is shaping the future of the cryptocurrency and digital assets markets through technology-first investments by focusing on digital financing. They provide financial advisory, placement, and technology services to companies seeking to raise equity, debt, and non-dilutive capital.

The Group develops technical placement solutions including digital tokens powered by advanced smart contracts, which they operate though a digital asset placement and brokerage platform called Also, they are developing, a digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange, which will be on the cutting edge of technological conformity.

However, this list may change or expand with emerging new ICO Marketing Agencies so stay tuned.

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