Today I threaded that road which can only be mentioned ,

Feared by many and only whispered by few,

I could see his smile from the side of his lips,

He told the story with so much passion I could just imagine it through the brightness in his eyes.

“I used to buy fish and chicken from this market and get more passengers from here,”! right here! he emphasized.

“The market day is always a day to look forward to”!

“I usually do a round trip and get tea from that point”, as he gesture with his finger

“by this time of the year the corns,millets, groundnuts are all grown and tall, it used to be a very fertile land”.

“oh the fresh groundnuts and boiled maize are so soft and moist, i usually get free for the road from mama Adama”. he chuckled.

“but see what it has now become” the sadness could be heard from his voice

Where are the villages now? A voice asked from behind.

“displaced in different places” for those who got out alive he added and swallow hard.

“The displaced may never come back here as it holds such sad memories”.


Silence drift in and this puts a lot of thoughts in me.

This deserted, grassed filled, Home turned forest place was once heaven to individuals, families and travelers, but now all they are left with are just memories of how beautiful and homely this place used to be! The children born in these years of displacement will never know Home! the once fertile land is now occupy with debris,shells and tall grasses.

The cost of war cuts deeps through the heart of many!

It’s easy to start a fire but very difficult to put it out, let’s not ignore early warning.

It may start as a playful hate speech CAUTION IT, because it may create a deep though in the heart of another and aggravate into awful sights of remnants of war.

#NotAnotherNigerian should condone hate speeches or religious intolerance.