A message from the Director’s Office

Our children are suffering. Not simply because they have been subjected to high stakes testing or exposed to ongoing threats of job action. Or because they are immersed in politically-motivated curriculum or repeatedly face the pressures of surviving in the 21st Century. Our children are suffering because their basic educational needs have been ignored. I’ve witnessed first-hand as a teacher, Administrator and parent the toll on children when focus has been shifted away from a moral purpose — disinterest, insecurity, anxiety, depression …

My frustrations with a system that would not support the authentic development and delivery of student-centred curricula that promotes confidence and truly fuels creativity and innovation are the inspiration for Walden International School. Children need to be nurtured in a learning environment that allows them the freedom to imagine possibilities, to explore capacities and, ultimately, to achieve purpose. They must be taught how to be curious, collaborative, and mindful — being well leads to doing well.

While we will work towards becoming an authorised IB World School in the coming years, our immediate focus is to open your child’s eyes and heart to progressive, experiential and service learning through an interdisciplinary and global lens. Through critical thinking and reflection, they will develop independence and self-reliance as they continue on their journey to self-discovery. We look forward to meeting, working and learning with your family.


Head of School

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