I have two sons. I do legitimately care about the quality of their education. If I believe what Ken Robinson says, that the way we teach our kids is inherently and deeply flawed, I owe it to him, myself and especially my kids to offer more than just a token gesture.
TED and the Declining Value of Ideas
Tyler Hellard

Tyler — thanks for the great read. You are absolutely right. People often talk about making a difference but they rarely do anything about it. At Walden International School, we have committed to being a part of the solution.

The school is new and founded by a group of individuals who want to restore the fundamentals of learning, put students first, bring respect back for teachers, and focus on what’s important. Hope you will visit our page and read our latest post.

P.S. Sir Ken Robinson was incredible to watch and a pleasure to meet in Chicago, July 2015. His talk covered his famous message and also, the aims of education.