Why were Facebook, Google, and Amazon so quiet about net neutrality?
colin horgan

It’s a troubling observation that no matter how we fight with the carriers for a free and open web, the big internet companies have already segregated the web under their control. I think it’s in part the fault of the government not keeping their power in check. What the EU did was too little, too late, but a step in the right direction.

Every government has a branch that is there to control monopolies/oligopols and too much control over the free market. But the internet is its own market with information/attention and time being the currency the user pays. It deserves the same control. But not through giving companies even more power over it. It needs to be neutral, but the companies enacting control over it, need to be kept in check the same way we keep the companies in check that try to control the free market.

That’s one of the reasons I am an avid supporter of corporations like the Mozilla Foundation. While users are ignorant and lambast Firefox and Mozilla for not keeping up 100% with the speed of Chrome, I think Mozilla did more for the web than Google did. Their initiatives, their developer documentation, their proactive stance for neutral use of tech in W3 discussions (video springs to mind) was really important, much more so than a browser, that’s a little bit faster.

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