Set List ~ Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan, Voice of Resonance

Ding Dong on a Thursday in July of 2016….Melbourne. A long way from the grunge origins in Seattle. Or when one considers the seminal magnificence of Radio Birdman and The Saints maybe not.

Before us, a towering presence on the small stage, a true artistic legend. The richness of voice as captivating as such when it was unleashed in the 90’s.

Tattooed knuckles of his left hand, gripping the microphone stand at gunslinger height. The gnarly fingers on his right gently guiding the mic to amplify the timbre tone.

This special evening, the chosen accompanying musician, purely a solo guitarist. Long term confidant, friend, travelling partner and creative support. The sonic bind threading between instrument and voice powered from endless hours of practice and performance.

Tunes that traversed the original, the collaborations and respectful covers from Nancy Sinatra to The Leaving Trains (leaving Hollywood) and the original source, the timeless Screaming Trees.

Thanks for being with us again Mark Lanegan. Deepest respect for your longevity in creating music across genres of an impeccable standard. The gravelly lyrics that shift from the melancholy to funereal. And for that never tiring, always blissful, voice of resonance.