If you grew up being loaded with myths and illogical proverbs, now you are probably unlearning them…please, don’t pass myths to your children. Many Parents couldn’t provide answers to the questions of their children, so they make things up and stuff them with myths & fables. Some, to make children do what they want, ‘lied’ about a mystical being or fabricated stories that compelled children to fear and act in the way they want.

When the inquisitiveness of a child gets turned down or answered with myths/fables, we’re unknowingly messing up that child’s education. There is nothing wrong in an adult telling a child “I don’t know” (please add for now). That is better than lying with cooked-up stories. It is a measure of integrity to tell a child I don’t know this (for now) but will find out and explain to you later…then go to Google!

The funniest thing is if you lie to a child s/he probably wouldn’t know, but you have built a reasoning on lies and make believe. For some information, you need not be explicit, but you need not lie also. Give to the child what’s safe at that age. Knowledge is progressive.

Children don’t forget things easily. Their neurons at that stage are finding paths in magnetic ways, what you repeatedly tell them sticks. Then they build their logic, belief and values on what they have been repeatedly told, observed and all of those things.

If something is of value to the family; as Adults, find the logic and get convicted in it before passing it on to your children. If a child is bombarding you with questions you don’t have answers to immediately, do your best in truth then distract them but go and find out. Do some consultations and be logical about your conclusion then come prepared to provide answers to their wonderment.

When a child starts talking and asking, those are wonderful occasions to teach the facts and truths about life & living. Never leave a “asking child” wondering without answers, it can be very frustrating not get listening ears — just a listening one. It is a period to become a child’s go-to in everything. If you succeed at it, nothing will be hidden from you as an Adult/Parent

We may have been raised and ‘managed with/through myths’ we shouldn’t raise/manage the next generation with/through myths & white lies. There is enough information out there to help build one’s logic, we can’t load the next generation with myths, they won’t take it either!

If you as an Adults/Parents wouldn’t do it, there are many out there that are willing to mess up children’s thinking. Play your role, Sirs/Mas. This age is an age of reasoning, logic and fact. It is an age where with enough logic and substantial concurrence (we are in a democracy), a child can be made to believe ‘White is Black’, and it will sink it. Build up the logic of your children/wards by doing your best to attend to their curiosity.

— —Tweeted, April 25, 2017 — Wale Micaiah