Amal Problem Solving Challenge

Title: Keep Calm!
Group Members: Zuhair Tahir, Zishan Hashmi, Muhammad Waleed

IMPATIENCE is one of basic character flaws . We all have the potential for impatient tendencies, but in people with a strong fear of missing out, Impatience can become a dominant pattern.

The system is failing because we are losing patience. In this busy world, no one wanted to listen. Everyone is interested only in telling their part of the story without listening, which creates an environment of hostility. To solve this problem, we brainstormed different solutions and came away with these 3 best possible solutions.

We believe that to eradicate any problem from the society, we should start with self improvement. So, the first solution we propose is practicing of Active Listening. According to the research, we spend 60% of our time listening but we retain only 25% of that. This is because we are not very good listeners. We are losing ability of effective listening as we having invented writing, recording etc. and the world has become so noisy. We can practice different techniques. One example is the famous TED talk with Julian Treasure on 5 ways to listen better. The techniques includes:
Listening Positions 

Second solution we propose is to create awareness by distributing pamphlets which includes “AYYAT and HADITH”. Even the worst person in our society will respect words of Quran and Hadith. Our pamphlet includes:

Islam has given a best perspective of getting fruit after patience. As Hazrat Ali (R.A) said your patience gives you the success. This is a need of hour for all of us to adopt patience as our religion is persuading us again and again to adopt patience. I think this is the best time to practice patience to change ourselves and to follow our religion as well. This is a way we cant get success in life and here after also.

Third solution we propose is to following the trend and take advantage of the technology by creating a YouTube channel and make videos. Our main focus is to guide the parents that lesson of patience should be taught as basic parenting teaching or between the stage when child gain enough consciousness. Mother’s lap is first classroom of child or first learning stage. And it is the best stage to develop a lifelong habit in a person