Practicing Happiness to boost your success

The absence is disease is not health. Similarly the absence of sorrow is not happiness.

The formula of success we apply is opposite of the actual formula. We believe that happiness is directly proportional to success. The more successful we are, the more happy we will be. This our basic parenting style. This is how we motivates our behavior.

But the real formula of happiness works in the opposite order. If we increase someone’s positivity level. It will increase their intelligence, creativity and energy.

Question: Have you ever struggled with negative thoughts, emotions, depression or anything related?

Yes, currently i am going through this phase. Unable to do anything valuable with my life. More specifically, it’s been some time since I have passed out from my University and from that day till now, I have been living a kind of useless life.

After watching Shawn Achor’s TED Talk: One thing I am sure of that is these negative thoughts are not going help me in achieving what I am aiming at. (Referring to Connecting the Dots by Steve Jobs) Now I am in the position of connect at least one life dot. If I would’ve got the job right after my graduation, then there would’ve be no Career Prep Fellowship. I would’ve been completely unaware of the skills which are essential for on job success and for life. Specially, most of the technical student from UET lack these skills. I can compete with these competitor in market better with these skills. So, Happiness Level +1, Energy Level+1, Motivation Level +1

Practice to Increase our Experience of Happiness:

  1. Engage in Random Act of Kindness: We have perform this activity as #AmalRandomActOfKindness. The results are very impressive. The positively and happiness level of my mind increased. I was very happy when I found that my small actions has benefited someone and made someone happier. It gives meaning to my life as well.
  2. Bring Gratitude to Mind: This practice involves writing down new things which we are grateful for. This is very effective practice. Usually we measure happiness by success. The problem with this mindset is that when we achieve that target, we set our eye on a better target and all the happiness is lost in the process. After writing the list of things for days, I realized that there are many things which we ignore, are blessings for us. If you have food on the table, friends and family to talk to, and a place to live, your are among few of the luckiest people in this world.