Sharing a story of your mentor

The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting.” Plutarch

The person who has mentoring me is my maternal-uncle Javaid. He is a Senior Cloud Architect at Hobsons. Where I am today is because of him. He is the one who forced my parents to move to a bigger city for sake of quality education. When I initially moved to Lahore at very young age. I stayed with him to adjust with the environment and culture of Lahore. Whenever in life, if I have to make a tough decision, I always consult him and He is available 24/7 for me. He guides me education wise as well as morally. He feels a sense of accomplishment in my accomplishments. Throughout this mentor-ship, I always showed respect and humility. I think it is because of my humble nature, I always give the reaction or impression that his help has created all the difference and I am still eager to learn from him. It give him sense of satisfaction and pride.

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