Facebook is not for you. Medium is.

Social networks has definitely changed the way we interact with each-other. This is a fact that nobody can ignore. But how did Facebook go from a simple students’ website to a multi billion company? And why you should re-think having a Facebook account?

The key factor behind Facebook’s success -In my humble opinion- is its capability of connecting people together. It is something part of our basic needs as humans, we need to be part of groups, make new connections and talk without restrictions or fear of rejections. And it’s something that Facebook understood very well.

I created my Facebook account back in 2009 and had -approximately- 1200 “friends” in 2014. And when you live in a country like Algeria, having this amount of virtual friends is considered as “huge”. Actually it was because of my activities as a technical trainer and evangelist about Google technologies in my university and many universities around the country, so whenever I go, people just “add” me as a friend.

Till now everything is okay. Until the day I was sitting with my “real friends” in a coffee and the four of us were all stuck in our phones scrolling up and down in the Facebook timeline, chatting with our other “friends” that we never met. It has triggered in me the feeling that my true friends are fading away while I’m talking to people I may never meet. Plus, Facebook now is just an awful place to be. Abuse, harassment, mediocrity, hipsters, wannabe’s, people-pretending-their-life-to-be-awesome-while-its-whole-crap, and duplicate content are the main topics you will find on Facebook. Really, think about it! When was the last time you read something interesting, inspiring, informative, or just something that helped you in anyway; On Facebook ?

I decided immediately to “delete” my Facebook account and I don’t regret it. I have now more time to spend with my friends without distractions. Especially, I found the complete opposite in Medium. Medium is a great community to be part of. In just 3 to 5 minutes read time, you can be inspired by all the great people here who share incredibly awesome stories about their lives, that makes you feel you are missing something about life. Many stories that I read here makes me think again about my life and my friend and family. They make me think about all the things that I have not done till now because of my fear of failure, because I want to pretend to be the perfect person in front of my family and friends while I’m not! Actually no body is perfect, that’s what I learnt from Medium.

And that’s what I don’t want you to miss.

When you finish this essay, think again about the future, think about 10 years from now, will you maintain a strong relationship with your friends and family if you continue to be a Facebook slave? Will your friends still have interest to tell you their stories when you are permanently scrolling up and down on your phone wile they tell the most passionate story of their day? I don’t think so.

Just keep in mind, short texts will never replace voice, emotions, eye contact. Messenger will never replace being together on a table, sharing a cup of tea and your life stories.