Announcing Walk/Bike/Places 2018!



  • “The Vincennes Project,” Keith Holt, Chicagoland Bicycle Federation;
  • “I Count! — Yo Cuento! Creating a Neighborhood-Based Active Community Program,” Jared White, North Central COG;
  • “Walking Challenges: A Collaborative Effort Between the Saanich Peninsula Diabetes Prevention Project and Saanich Adult Education Centre,” Joan Wharf Higgins, Saanich Peninsula Diabetes Prevention Project.


  • “New Complete Street Spacing Guide to Match Land Use Intensity,” Roger Henderson, Kimley-Horn and Associates;
  • “Making Connections, Completing the Streets,” Barbara McCann, McCann Consulting;
  • “Carlotte’s Six Step Planning and Design Process: A Complete Street Case Study,” Tracy Newsome, Charlotte DOT; and
  • “Complete Streets: Innovative Approaches,” Barbara Culp, Bicycle Alliance of Washington.
  • “Designing Street Parking for Bikeways — Back-in Diagonal Parking,” Todd Boulanger, City of Vancouver;
  • “Rethinking Auto Parking Policies,” Ryan Snyder, Ryan Snyder Associates;
  • “Bike Lanes and Car Doors — Details for the Designer,” Dustin White, SFMTA.


  • “Low Traffic Boulevards: All the rage in the Pacific Northwest,” Scott Bricker, Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Jessica Roberts, Alta Planning + Design; and
  • “Vancouver’s Local Street Bikeways,” David Rawsthorne, City of Vancouver (BC).





A mural in the New Orleans community of Bywater.





Supporting & convening the #Walking, #Biking & #Placemaking movements - Walk/Bike/Places will convene next in Indianapolis in fall 2020 -

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Supporting & convening the #Walking, #Biking & #Placemaking movements - Walk/Bike/Places will convene next in Indianapolis in fall 2020 -

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