Walk/Bike/Places 2018 and our Principles and Purpose

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The Walk/Bike/Places Call for Proposals is open until 8 pm Eastern, February 2, 2018. Start your proposal here. For the latest conference news follow Walk/Bike/Places

When we take the measure of our work we often focus on outcomes: plans produced, projects completed, webinars executed, presentations delivered, grant funds secured, clicks, impressions, bills passed, and funding allocated. It isn’t often that we take time to reflect on our field, our profession and the associations we have formed to look after our interests.

When we gather in New Orleans this September 16–19 for Walk/Bike/Places 2018, in the 27th year since the passage of ISTEA, and the 38th year since our first convening, we will take a moment to consider whether our trajectory needs to be altered.

We are currently seeking both venerable voices and nascent notions about the following topics (and more):

  • A new construct. Repeat after me: Engineering, Education, Enforcement, Encouragement and Evaluation. Do you say AMEN! or think it is time to review our liturgy? Would different outcomes and metrics lead to better results?
  • Creating opportunity. When it comes to equity, how do we move from talk to action? How could our ranks benefit from greater diversity? Do we need to change to become more welcoming of other experiences and cultures? How?
  • Ethical obligations. Should we leave the advocacy to advocates or should our planners and engineers unshackle their inner advocates? Is it ethical to allow incomplete streets which are dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists? How do we address equity in public-private partnerships? The why, when and how of whistleblowing. How to say ‘no’ and still win friends and influence people.
  • Representative engagement. Inequality originates in and is perpetuated by disenfranchisement. How do we ensure that our public process is inclusive? What are the best practices for sampling a representative cross-section of a community? What public engagement performance standards should be included in your next RFP?
  • Getting political. Don’t like what the fat cats in Washington DC are doing? Perhaps it is time you ran for Congress, state office, city council or the co-op board. What is our platform? What is your role?

This session is for insiders and outsiders. We welcome creative proposals that challenge us and interact with the audience. Begin your application here and when prompted select ‘Breakout Session Panelist’ and choose ‘Principles and Purpose’ as your topic.

Submit your proposal by 8 pm Eastern, February 2, 2018 to be considered for the program.

Walk/Bike/Places is North America’s largest active transportation and placemaking conference. Principles and Purpose is only one of many topics that will be addressed by our conference program. For more details about our Call for Proposals and conference outcomes, please visit www.walkbikeplaces.org/proposals. The deadline for all proposals is 8 pm Eastern, February 2, 2018.

For information about becoming a conference sponsor or exhibitor please contact sponsors@walkbikeplaces.org. For the latest news follow us at Walk/Bike/Places. Walk/Bike/Places was established in 1980 and is produced by Project for Public Spaces.

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