First Dates… with Luke

July 21 2015. 10:51 PM. Night time.

I almost didn’t show up for the date. I wore my date shoes and date jeans, skin tight clothing as per usual, oxidized silver talisman, contact lenses. 30 minutes after work and I contemplated just bumming it out at a coffee shop or go home or calling up a friend or WHATEVER, anything but go see a movie by yourself.

Metrotown?? So fucking far away, who has time to go to that?

I did. I went there.

The skytrain ride there was full of sunlight. I thought of my earlier days of summer flings and debauchery as I sat with my aviators, plugged in with “crash 2.0 — adventure club” blasting on repeat, watching downtown melt away into the suburbs of Burnaby. The mountains were dappled with the shadows of the clouds. North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, everything was so far and so vast and so different.

I ran into my friend Khang, and I almost didn’t go to the movie but I am glad I didn’t. I kept eyeing a cute guy who sat alone in the movie but I didn’t pursue him.

Also just told Ben that I was dating myself and he made fun of me .___. Guess I’m keeping this to myself.

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