Presenting Two Stories: WWII & Addiction

The Walk In Verse Journey Newsletter #1

Bringing You Two!

For this week’s write, I present you two flash fiction stories for your coffee reading pleasure. One is based in WWII and the other about a guy with an addition. Don’t forget to follow up with an email to let me know how you enjoyed the reads!

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Hugs to all and a Happy Memorial Day!

Jack Decided to End it on His Terms

Desperate to escape the bookie’s wrath, Jack tried every way imaginable to pay off the mounting debt. The interest was over the top. In less than two weeks the tab tripled. Jobless with nothing left he had one option, to lie as his existence depended on it.

With the plan in place, he grabbed four passports off the shelf and raced downtown. He knew he had one chance to sweet talk a few drunks exiting the gentlemen clubs. Upon arrival, game face set, he searched for patrons exiting from a night of wicked fun. In his sights, he targets the perfect victim, a tall, heavyset man in a black Armani suit.

“It’s time to earn” he whispers under his breath.

“Sir, excuse me, sir, twenty minutes ago I was mugged. The bastards took everything. My pregnant wife is in the hospital, and I need $2500 for a flight home. I swear on my mother’s grave once I land I will pay you back triple. And for collateral, you can hold my passport.”

Annoyed, the man slammed Jack against the wall. In an Italian accent, he said, “Che palle! What the fuck the matter with you, what are you talking about, you prick.”

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Tokyo’s POW Camp 553

December 1944 the allies closed in on Tokyo’s POW Camp 553. The guards awaited orders from the Imperial commanders to enact the kill-all decree. Within minutes, the moment the POWs feared arrived, the rule enacted. The guards lined up the prisoners and marched them to their graves.
With heads held high, each man stood fast at the center of the camp as the guards pummeled their skulls with the butt of their rifles and lacerated their ribs with their bayonets. And yet not one man swayed. As blood streamed from their veins, in their last act of resistance, they refused to offer any sign of fear to these butchers of Tokyo; the men prepared to leave this world with dignity, and not the cowards the guards provoked them to be.
Forced to their knees, necks extended, the executioners raised their swords. The blades sliced through the air as a bone chilling crack echoed throughout the camp. One by one the executioners plummeted to the ground.
Sniper fire from a thousand yards rained victory that day. The allies have arrived, saving each man from the sword of their torturers.

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