Good and Evil

I am really glad for the start of the semester. I think I have put enough effort into contemplating the nature of good and evil.

There are never black and white answers. Start and stop dates, lines to cross or heed. Everyone is trying to do the right thing, and survive. Stories are never linear. We are all just trying to escape the same wheel of human suffering we have been trapped on since the beginning of time.

All we can hope for, is that the people we face every day are not lying to themselves. That they are truly doing their very best. And that there is some meaning and purpose behind all of this.

Of course there is evil in the world. Evil is just the culminating effect of human actions. God gave us free will, and in that, the freedom to make decisions that will result in evil. I am eternally grateful for the freedom I have to do whatever I want at the end of the day.

I guess the existential question has less to do with good and evil, and more to do with…. How could an; all powerful, all knowing, benevolent God, create a world so pervasively defined by scarcity?

We like to believe there is some method to the madness. Some sense of positive cosmic intent behind our existence.

Or maybe God is evil. And the manifestation of this earth is a product of bad intent. Maybe he was just bored, and bit off more than he could chew. Somehow, I would not find that surprising.

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