My Standards

I am not interested in your mask.
 I am not interested in what you want me to know,
 what you want me to do to you

I am not interested in your ego,
 what everyone else thinks of you,
 your reputation
 how you are seen, or not.

I am not interested in the lessons you have learned for me,
 your worry, covering judgement
 really just another way to control

I am not interested in meeting your needs,
 what I can do for your cock
 how I can cater to your fetishes
 what you think your fetishes are

I am only interested in you
 completely you
 What do you look like in this sacred space?

Surrender to my control
 I feed off those dirty things no one else has wanted to see
 I know they are there
 Let us see them in the light

The darkness has made you afraid of yourself.
 Lay everything before me to measure your worth.

I have a place for your primal aggression
 tearing at the walls of your soul
 that piece that really needs release

You think those masks have kept you safe
 found solace in your limiting labels

The masses were not ready to experience the fullness of what you have to offer

You can match me in this space

Bring every inch of yourself and surrender into the bliss of acceptance

Love can overcome all of that darkness,
 all of that bitterness
 we can reach higher
 Light can only reach the pieces it can see

Your lies will always hold us back
 Hold us back from this moment that we have together.

I am not interested in shadows
 I don’t have time for things I cannot see.

I love every moment that has made you the person you are today

Knowing they are just pieces of a work of art

If you cannot look at all those pieces,
 go do that work,
 then find me

I am not a stepping stone in your evolution, I am the culmination

I won’t pretend those pieces are not there

I demand

ALL of you

Diving head first seems reckless
 I would rather catch the blood in the face now
 feel the stitches racing down my spine.
 Be able to see the monster I am facing
 not fighting

You can drop or you can crash when this isn’t about your Saturday night escape anymore.

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