Let me commence this by saying that I am not a social type of a person and for a quite introverted person like me, socializing with other people has always been a torture inside. Learning that I have no other option but to expose myself outside my comfort zone or to a newer reality gave me again that usual feeling of anxiousness or fear that I have whenever the thought of dealing with new people comes into my mind. I have been bombarded with lots of questions before when I still have no idea what it is like to be engaged in a field outside the four corners of the room, the same questions which used to haunt me since then.

That very first day of experiencing things far from my reality was honestly a bit awkward, nerve-wrecking, pressuring or name-whatever-term-you-want, for me. Then as time pass by, I have slowly learned to adjust with the new environment and with the new people I am with. At first, I actually thought that my attitude or mindset will just ruin my first ever encounter with the “real world” but the activities that we have done disproved my expectations.

A lot of things have happened, both good and bad. We have gone to different places and have been captivated by many beautiful wonders. We have met many different people, heard and learned to understand their sentiments and most of all, we have acquired many lessons, those which we cannot learn inside the four corners of our classroom, those which we cannot find even if we spend our whole lives reading our books or surfing the net.

From the different activities we have done, I have learned that without hardships and patience and without cooperation and understanding, no task or goal can be easily achieved. It taught me to value perseverance and humble-mindedness, things that I may need as I continue my quest. I have also learned to deal with people from different walks of life, people with different personalities and through that, I have slowly learned to step on their shoe despite the differences, to look at the world from their perspective and this, have slowly opened our eyes and minds to their reality.

When people ask me how I got into the field I am taking right now or what pushed me to pursue it, my response has always been the same. Whether I still cannot fathom why I am here or why I have stayed or maybe it was because someone told me to take the path to this field. Then slowly, I come to understand that we are here because other people need us. It may not be an easy path or it may take longer to finish the battle that we have been facing but still one day, everything will make perfect sense. I have understood that the path I have taken is the one where one needs to balance the social and scientific aspects of the things that are merely learned from the books as we open our eyes to the reality of other people or of those people that we have encountered. Also through this, I have gained new friends, I was able to form new bonds with new people and I gained new experiences. For me, it is paradise, an exposure to a different reality which has brought a lifetime impact.

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