Light throughout the darkness

Here comes another twilight,

again finding myself full of fright

The stars seemingly look down at me,

while asking what will I be.

The day is in its end,

sadly too short for me to spend

Seeing the stars scintillating, oh so bright

and the moon that looks so dashing with its mesmerizing light.

Where will I find the missing piece?

for this pain inside to ease

It feels like I against the world,

Have nothing to lean on nor no one to hold.

Amidst the night, so quiet and so dark,

Solely searching for the light and its spark

Seeking and longing for a new hope,

beyond the struggles for me to cope.

Facing life’s adversity,

Believing there is something more within me

Thinking of every single day as a new chapter,

while hoping that behind every tear there is always a laughter.

Owned by wallflower1024

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