The burning hope

The colors that my life once had,

just went different and then I’m sad

The sun that once lighted my way,

in just a heartbeat, had easily gone away.

Facing tons of life’s adversities,

Overcoming loads of seemingly endless difficulties

but challenges make me human,

and experiences make me be the best that I can.

Numerous uncertainties may arrive,

yet with hope, I can still survive

I may sometimes make the wrong choice,

but I believe, He’ll always listen to my powerful voice.

Though that gentle sunshine was taken away from me,

there are still millions of reasons to be happy

To be genuinely alive is my greatest desire

Hoping the worlds will help me and they will conspire.

Countless struggles I may face,

but I must not quit to finish the race

And one day, all the hopes that I continuously feel,

will heal the pain so I can stand still.

Though the road seems uncertain or dark,

and my world seems falling apart

There is still a piece of hope; my indestructible armor,

and a prayer that can be my greatest savior.

Originally published and owned by wallflower1024