You were alone. An outcast. You were incarcerated inside that façade for many years. You were scared of the unknown, afraid that you might stumble and fall and might not be able to get back on your feet. You were amidst nowhere, waiting for someone to reach out their hand and save you from drowning and giving in to your fears.

Now you are happy and later you are hurt. Now you are alone and then suddenly, someone comes along to keep you in company. Now you have a lot of fears and later those fears have already been conquered by you. Now no one seems to hear your voice and later someone comes along to recognize it, to understand your pain and rejoices, to listen to you until you are able to speak your mind out. Now you feel empty and then someone comes and make you feel that in this weary world, you are not alone, that out of those who does not seem to care, there is one different person, the one who is always behind you, the one who quietly rejoices with you, the one who has been silently cheering for you, the one who is always there even if you do not say so.

Now you are on the verge of predicament, of the confusion caused by the wall you have made between you and the world and then someone comes and sacrifices whatever they have, even the slightest light that remains from their heart just to make you feel that you are not unwanted, that like them, you also have that light in your heart waiting to be elicited, that like them, you are also capable of sharing that light which timidly emanates from your seemingly lost soul.

Your mind is not at ease, wandering in whatever corner of the world, thinking what the future may hold, imagining a lot of things yet forgetting to live the moment. You were physically there, feigning through moving and saying things you never meant as if you are living the moment but the truth is you are nothing but a living dead. You are in a journey, in quest of theideal” when truth to be told, there is nothing as such.

You were focused on being perfect without realizing that making mistakes is also the same thing that makes you a person, a person who is capable of love, of feeling the anguish, the excitement and even the fear and a lot more feelings and imperfections that life has to offer.

You were there, quietly and patiently listening to the voice of the unheard, trying to blend with the crowd of people who are all striving to be different. You were there, listening to the tickling of the clock, to the chirping of the birds, and even to the slightest blow of the wind that somehow gives you the comfort and the serenity you were longing for. You were there, appreciating the unnoticed, seeing the world in a different perspective.

You were rushing things, thinking about maturity. Indeed you have grown up yet you forgot to truly live while reminiscing the times you have not even spent wisely. You were there, contemplating about the life that you have forgotten to live in the first place, thinking of the opportunities that you have missed because you were afraid, afraid to fall so hard.

You are vulnerable outside but paradoxically, you are strong. You are strong because although you have been bombarded with waves and even oceans of unknown fears and chaos, you are still there, standing still and then you realize that you were wrong for telling yourself that you will not make it because you are still there, breathing the air that you once forgot to appreciate while creating and filling in the missing pieces that you have neglected in the past.

Then one day you will just wake up and the exact things you have at the moment are all nothing but distant memories. One day you will wake up and the things that you were once afraid of are already been conquered by you. One day you will wake up and the future you were once imagining are already unfolded before your eyes. One day you will wake up and the things you thought impossible are already close to being realized. One day you will wake up thinking how blessed and strong you are for not giving up and for becoming the person you are right now.

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